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Timber Fencing Melbourne

'Let's not forget where we started'.

Most boundary fences are installed with the traditional treated pine paling fencing. The advantage is it weathers naturally, creates privacy and is one of the most affordable types of fences installed. The beauty of timber fencing is that there are many variations to suit your needs and requirements, from traditional standard 1.95 high treated pine paling fencing to fencing with capping, exposed posts or boxed lattice extensions.

  • School boundary fencing

  • Boundary fencing

  • Apartment development or upgrades
  • Estate development


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Project: Barkley St, Footscray

Client: Advantage Property

Fence Type: Treated pine paling

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Project: Bunnings Mentone

Client: Adco Constructions

Fence Type: Boundary Fence

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Project: Lyndarum Estate

Client: A V Jennings

Fence Type: Boundary Fencing

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Project: Stock

Client: Macedon Fencing

Fence Type: Always available

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