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Our History

 In brief the company has been operating since 1993.  Robert Bogoevski started the business (with his dad assisting) as a one man show building generally paling fences for predominantly residential houses.  Robert was working from the back of his old 1980 Ford F150 Ute. 
He was purchasing materials from local fencing suppliers.  Rob did a lot of hours and his hard work was slowly being recognised and acknowledged by local builders and other clients predominately in the Victorian Northern Suburbs.

Over the years the business created greater demands and Rob soon employed a couple of fencers, bought himself a 6 tonne truck and leased a small bit of land where he stored his timber.  By 1996 Rob saw great potential in once again taking the business to the next level but could not see this happening without assistance. 

In 1997 Vlad Bogoevski (B.A Recreation) joined his brother in a joint partnership.  Vlad spent seven years in the corporate market managing sporting and community facilities in local government including the City of Port Phillip and Brim Bank City Councils before joining Rob.  Together with Vladís business, marketing and leadership qualities and Robís project management and practical experience the pair have taken the business to a level that has set the benchmark within the fencing industry in Victoria.

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