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Flora and Fauna Fencing

Citywide and Macedon Fencing have been involved in many environmental projects and have installed various types of environmental, flora and fauna fencing.

Bandicoot proof fencing

Fencing to protect the growling grass frog

Barriers to protect the golden sun moth

Fencing to protect rare orchids

Protective fencing for Aboriginal cultural heritage and artefacts

Our team can work with you to create the appropriate 'no go zone' fencing, and all other types of fencing as per your specifications and requirements to protect our flora and fauna.

  • Local council

  • Government

  • Civil
  • Infrastructure

  • Parks & Reserves

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Project: Williams Landing Conservation Project

Client: MDG Landscaping

Fence Type: Rabbit Proof Fence

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Project: Bandicoot

Client: Peninsular Link

Fence Type: Bandicoot Proof Fence

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Project: Bandicoot

Client: Peninsula Link

Fence Type: Exclusion fence

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Project: Home Construction

Client: Henley Property Group

Fence Type: Tree Protection

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