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 Does Citywide Temporary Fences keep temporary fence panels in stock?
Yes, plenty of temporary fence panels are kept in stock, in most cases we can deliver the next day.

Is temporary fencing mandatory?
Temporary fencing is mandatory in most suburbs, please check with your local council for regulations.

Do you hire or sell your temporary fences?
Citywide Temporary Fences both hire and sell temporary fencing.  We are happy to discuss your temporary fencing needs with you.  In some cases, it is more viable to buy temporary fencing instead of hiring temporary fencing.

What sort of volume temporary fencing can I order?
Citywide Temporary Fences and Macedon Fencing Group have kilometres of fencing available.

Do I require temporary fencing around a pool during construction?
It is now law!  Anything over 300mm of water - pond or shell, isn't legal unless it is fences off to Council Specifications.

Are the temporary fences insured?
Citywide Temporary Fences is fully insured for Public Liability, however this does not cover any damage or theft to our panels while in your possession.  We can offer a 10% damage waiver fee which will cover you for any damage to our temporary fence panels or theft to the value of $500, if you hire temporary fencing.

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