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We are a supplier and installer of fencing for all commercial applications. Our staff will meet with you to discuss your commercial needs from estate developments to freeway projects. We can install any fences designed by your engineers and conform to all VicRoad Standards and council covenants. Including: chainmesh; paling; rural; handrail; high security; acoustic; steel tubular, colorbond, fauna exclusion fencing, silt and environmental fencing.

Chainmesh Fencing

Top / Bottom Rail Chainmesh Fence

Semi-Permanent Chainmesh Fence with hydraulically rammed posts, re-usable fence

1800mm high Chainmesh Fence with 3 strands of barb

1800mm high Type K Black Chainmesh Fence with 3 stands of barb and cranked posts

1800mm high Chainmesh Fence with 3 stands of barb and cranked posts

Vic Roads Specs                    
SD 3131 - A -
 Fence Type K - Chain Wire Mesh [PDF, 114 KB]

High Security & Palisades Fencing

Customer: Symons Bros Construction
Project: College Views Estate
Fence: Black security fence on top of retaining wall
Customer: ABI Group
Project: Southern Link Upgrade
Fence: 4.0 high security mesh fence enclosure under bridge, Yarra River, Richmond

Customer: Macedon Group
Project: Factory Development
Fence: 2.1 high square tube security fence
Customer: J A Dodd
Project: Austin Hospital Extension
Fence: High security - Palisades fence

Tubular Fencing

Tubular Fences
At Macedon Fencing we construct all of our tubular panels in our fully equipped factory, allowing us the freedom to work within our clients special requirements.

Colorbond Fences


At Macedon Fencing and Supplies, we’re proud to offer the Gramline Colorbond of fences.

These fences promise outstanding durability, excellent security, and are finished in a large range of colours to suit both contemporary and traditional settings.

The sawtooth profile of Gramline Colorbond fencing is the same on both sides, so there is no “front” or “back”.

The Gramline lattice also offers you the option of customising your fence due to its structural strength.

Weld Mesh Fencing

Customer: PASK Developments
Project: Palisades
Fence: Black Acasia style Weld Mesh Fence
Customer: BMD
Project: Bus-Stop Fencing
Fence: Vic-Road Standard Weld Mesh Fence

Vic Road Specs:                        
SD 3143 - A -
 Fence - Welded Mesh [PDF, 96 KB]

Timber Fencing


Acoustic Fencing

Symon Bros
Ring Road, Bundoora
Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Masonry Sound Security Fence

Handrail / Safety Rail Fencing

Post, Wire and Rural Fencing

Vic Roads Specs                                    SD 3101 - A - Fence Type A - A1 and A2 Post and Wire 
Vic Roads Specs                                    SD 3102   
 Fence Type A - Cattle Fence Post and Wire           
Vic Roads Specs                                    SD 3121 - A - Fence Type H - H1 and H2 Wire Mesh

Slat Fencing
At first glance, a fence can ultimately make a statement and leave people with a lasting impression of what the property is all about. The fences best suited for the apartment developments are as follows:

·  Cypress Horizontal Slat                    Lower Budget
·  Merbau Horizontal Slat                     Mid Budget
·  Colorbond Horizontal Slat                 Higher Budget

Each style can vary in costs depending on posts used - timber or steel; size of posts; and whether they are exposed or not. Styles can be varied to accommodate Body Corporate budgets and requirements.  Most of these projects pictured originally had no fences.  New stylish front fences have improved the appearance, treated pine fencing has created private courtyards for entertaining, and automated gates have provided high security.   All key attributes enhancing property value and aesthetics.
Merbua Slat
Merbau timber is a great choice for fences which really softens the look of a property with darker colours.  The fencing pictured is a great contrast to the dark design of the town houses.  Merbau naturally weathers, so unless you like this particular look, it is important that you install a maintenance program of 2-3 clear coats at least once a year to keep the aesthetic look of the timber.

Colorbond Steel Slat
Macedon Fencing's colorbond steel slat fence is a new design that is strong and durable and requires no maintenance.  It can be installed both vertically and horizontally to create a great finish to complement today's contemporary building designs.
The Colorbond slats are made out of certified pre-painted zinc aluminium alloy coated steel and coloured to suit your needs.

Slat sizes:       50mm  x  10mm
                     70mm  x  10mm
                     90mm  x  10mm

Fauna and Environmental Fencing

Sediment Control
Tree Protection

Slit FencingFauna Exclusion Fencing

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